Rogers starts Shoppers Drug Mart pilot project

With wireless competition increasing on a daily basis, carriers are looking for more places to distribute their lineup. TELUS has Black’s Photo, Wind has Blockbuster, Public has Gateway Newstands, Mobilicity has independent dealers and Rogers has an agreement with Shoppers Drug Mart.

Initially the pilot project was scheduled to start on July 1st but it seems that some of the 30 test locations have already been promoting Rogers smartphones and Rocket Sticks in store. Apparently you’ll see a booth just like the one in the pic – it temps you to sign up and “recieve 50,000 Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points”. Sounds like a good deal so far as it equals $85 “value”. Also, we intentionally spelled “recieve” wrong as that’s what the in-store display says. I’m sure Rogers is grateful that there were only 30 of these signs made.

Anyone going to pick up your meds and a BlackBerry at the same time?

(Thanks Chris!)
Via: HoFo