Upcoming Rogers Xperia X10 mini & mini Pro: “upgrade to 2.1 coming this fall”

It’s no news that Rogers will be releasing a couple more Sony Ericsson Android devices to their lineup soon: Xperia X10 mini & mini Pro. We’ve spoken about these a number of time over the past few months. Rumoured price points for the X10 Mini is $49.99 and the X10 Mini Pro is $69.99 on a 3-year.

Both of these devices will be coming with Android OS 1.6 but there’s good news for those who want to purchase this and are worried that it’ll be months before an OS upgrade. According to an article in Rogers UR Magazine titled “Domino Dancing X10 Mini” it states that we can expect an “upgrade to 2.1 coming this fall”.

You can check out the full specs and breakdown of both of these Android devices here at Rogers. Still no word on an official release date.