Rogers new “Chatr Wireless” details… apparently launching within a couple weeks

“Chatr” is Rogers new wireless brand that is going to launch soon… we’ve been informed it’s actually within a couple weeks. Last week we quickly spoke with Rogers EVP John Boynton who stated the Chatr brand has is targeting “the very basic need customer with above average usage, average to below average income, sophisticated in the sense that they’ve been a wireless customer for a little while so they don’t need a lot of help with support.”

Thanks to one of reliable tipsters for sending us slides of a Toronto training session. Below is basically almost everything you need to know about the new entry level brand. They are directly competing against Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile and will have coverage “Zones” that are in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa… looking at the pics below it seems the zones actually stretch all the way to through to Quebec and Nova Scotia. Apparently there will also be some sort of “in-zone” benefits that follows you to other zones that aren’t your own.

Chatr is going hard on being part of the Rogers network and their reliability. One slide states that “You’ll have no worries – thanks to fewer dropped calls, better reception, and one low monthly fee for all the talk and text you can handle – so you’ll talk happy.” The Chatr Wireless tag line looks like it’s “No worries. Talk Happy”.

There will be No Activation Fee, billing by the minute and will support unlocked phones on their network. So you will simply purchase their SIM. Chatr will also operate a “Prepaid” credit card payment system called “Auto-Pay”. For those who do not own a credit card they will have “top up cards” available.

They will have 2 plans: Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Talk & Text. There is no price listed for either but it’s pretty basic. All plans will have Unlimited incoming and include Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Group Calling and Unlimited Incoming Texts. UPDATE: We were sent an e-mail the Unlimited Talk is $35 per month and the Unlimited Talk & Text is $45 per month.

For the Unlimited Talk plan it looks like Outgoing calls are Unlimited in your province but will cost you $0.15 per minute when you leave your Zone. Roaming will cost you $0.25 per minute. In addition, every text message sent past the 50 mark (in Canada and the US) is $0.10 per text. Oh yes… it’ll cost you $0.25 to retrieve your voicemail. For the Unlimited Talk & Text it’s close to the same as above but it’s all Unlimited and free to check your voicemail.

We’ve been informed that the rate plans and phone prices are tentative but will be highly competitive. When it comes to devices they’ll offer “Quality phones at a super low price”. The slide below shows the Nokia 1661 called “The essential” for $49.99; the Nokia 2680 as “The Slider” for $89.99; the LG GB125R as “The flip” for $69.99 and the Samsung Gravity as “The QWERTY” for $149.99. They will not have a Smartphone.

Check it out below… more info soon: