Android Market to hit 100,000 app milestone this month

There’s no doubt that Google’s Android platform is gaining popularity. In Canada we have several devices that run their OS. To name a few we’ve got the HTC Hero, Legend, LG Eve, Samsung Galaxy, Acer Liquid E, Motorola Milestone, Quench and Dext… and more coming such as the HTC Desire and Galaxy Vibrant.

When it comes to the Android Market, it was only a few weeks ago that Google’s Andy Rubin said they have over 65,000 available for download. It looks like this month the combined number of paid and free apps will cross over the 100,000 mark. According to AndroidLib (they gathers stats on the Android Market) they show that we are currently sitting around the 92,000 apps. Over the past few months there has been an average of over 14,000 new apps submitted. So this should take it just beyond the 100k milestone.

Source: AndroidLib
Via: AndroidGuys