Consumer Reports “can’t recommend the iPhone 4″, but says it’s the “highest rated”

Consumer Reports boldly announced yesterday that they “can’t recommend the iPhone 4”. This is somewhat of a blow to Apple as many other countries are prepping to release this device soon. The reason for the slam was due to the antenna issues. When users hold the iPhone 4 on the left side they slowly start to see reception dwindle down to zero bars. Consumer Reports did say an easy solution was to put a piece of tape on the left side and it will somehow miraculously solve the issue.

However, in an odd and ironic twist Consumer Reports also has an online mobile phone rankings section where users can pay to see full details and breakdowns of smartphone ratings. Can you guess what device is at the top of the list: the new iPhone 4. This has been granted the “highest rated” smartphone and Consumer Reports gave it a ranking of 76 out of 100. The next highest ranking is the iPhone 3GS and the HTC Sprint Evo 4G with 74 points.

John Paczkowski of the WSJ “Digital Daily” said that “The product evaluation agency rated the iPhone 4 “Excellent” in its display, navigation, Web browsing, multimedia and battery life categories, “Very Good” in phoning and messaging and “Good” in voice quality.”

So if you take away the reception issues and only hold the iPhone 4 on the right side you’ve got a stellar top class device.

Check it here at Consumer Reports
Source: Apple Insider & WSJ