Virgin rolls out Toronto pilot project called “Red Glove Service” to hand deliver replacement phones

Virgin is a unique brand. They have a good strategy and their PR stunts truly get people noticing them. The latest perk that Virgin has announced is the “Red Glove Service” and is all about Virgin surprising unsuspecting Members to “hand deliver replacement phones right to their door”… So for all those who order a new device you can count yourself out. It sounds like this is part of a process to retain and keep frustrated customers happy.

Recently Sir Richard Branson delivered the first device to Virgin Mobile Member Adam Morrison who said “I don’t even know what to say right now. I can’t believe you guys did this! I got my new phone right away and Richard Branson is here. He’s the coolest delivery person ever – and I didn’t even have to tip him!”.

Although meeting Sir Richard would be cool… if you are a chosen one you can expect to see a Virgin Angel give you the phone. This is currently under way as a pilot project in Toronto with the “potential to launch in more cities across the country next year”.

Via: CNW