Update: “Chatr” full lineup of devices… plus launch date is apparently set for July 21st

Well look what we’ve got here! A lovely first look at the upcoming packaging of the new Rogers discount brand called “Chatr”. You can see by this image that one of the devices they’ll be carrying is the Nokia 2680. We let you know last week from the leaked slide presentation that also has been given the name of “The Slider” and will be available for $89.99. We have no other details when it comes to their official launch date but hear it’ll be within the week.

You can expect to the the following phones also pop up soon: The Nokia 1661 called “The essential” for $49.99; the LG GB125R as “The flip” for $69.99 and the Samsung Gravity as “The QWERTY” for $149.99.

(See the full presentation details here)

UPDATE: Thanks to our tipster for sending along the remainder of the devices that they will be launching with: Nokia 1661 “The essential”; LG GB125R as “The flip” and the Samsung Gravity as “The QWERTY”. Plus there’s a pic of the SIM packaging. In addition, we’ve been informed that they these will not be out on display until Wednesday, July 21st… so you can count this as the launch date.

Also, the prices will be the Unlimited Talk for $35 per month and the Unlimited Talk & Text for $45 per month.

(Thanks Bacala  & iSellPhone!)