Update: Virgin increasing pay-per-use web browsing now on August 20th

It seems like Virgin is increasing prices, not dropping them (see here, here and here). It’s not the biggest deal but it’s an increase when the only thing customers/members want are price drops.

Virgin states in their customer updates that “Beginning on August 16, 2010, the charges for pay-per-use web browsing are changing from 5¢/page viewed to 10¢/page viewed. If you don’t use your phone’s web browsing features or have already hooked up to one of our Data Plans or Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing Add-ons, then this pricing change won’t affect you.”

So you’ve got about a months notice to change your plan over before being charged double for every page you view.

UPDATE: Virgin has revised their website and pushed back the date for this to increase to August 20th.

Check it here at Virgin
(Thanks Gordon)