Chatr and the “Chatalysts” ready to launch their service July 28th?

Late last week we let you know that Rogers new discount brand “Chatr” was set to launch on July 21st but then for some reason got delayed. The easy answer was due to Mobilicity causing an stir but we’re hearing it was actually due to a billing related issue. Perhaps we’ll never know.

Thanks to our tipsters for letting us know that Rogers new discount “Chatr” brand is apparently ready to turn the green light on effective Wednesday, July 28th. We received an internal doc and it sounds like everything should be in place at retail locations by the 26th. In addition, they’ve come up with a catchy name for the in-store reps… they are formally now called “Chatalysts”. Read on…

“With the launch of Chatr coming up real soon on Wednesday, July 28th, here is a short run down of what our store’s status should be:
1. Inventory should be received at all store locations by now, if any stores have not received their shipment, please let me know.
2. Fixtures should be received at all store locations as well, except the Ontario inline locations. They will arrive Monday, July 26th.
3. Collateral will arrive on Monday, July 26th

Online training modules and job aids will be available to access Monday, July 26th at 6am PDT
The “Chatalysts” (Chatr in-store sales support reps) will start visiting stores within the next few days to reinforce the original training and schedule any additional training your store may require.

We are looking forward to a great launch!”
(Thanks iSellPhones & d-Insider!)