Mobilicity sends Rogers a letter with their intentions if Chatr launches

Back on July 9th, Chairman of Mobilicity John Bitove said that Rogers new discount wireless brand “Chatr” is “trying to destroy our success” and should not be allowed to launch because of the “Abuse of Dominant Position” in the Competition Act where it states the “use of fighting brands selectively on a temporary basis to discipline or eliminate a competitor” is prohibited.

It’s known from the training presentation slides we posted that Rogers Chatr is expected to launch in same 5 core cities (Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver) and compete directly with new entrants Mobilicity, Wind and Public Mobile. In addition, Chatr is also rumoured to have a monthly couple plans which range from $35 and $45.

It like Mobilicity is kicking it up a notch! The Financial Post is reporting that Mobilicity’s Chairman John Bitove said their “legal counsel has served Rogers with a demand letter advising them of our intentions to pursue legal action should it launch the chatr brand in the manner that has been communicated so far”. Those are fighting words for sure. Bitove also stated that “we are very serious in that if this is solely about trying to undermine us, then we are going to fight back”.

It would be great to know what the letter actually said and to learn what their intentions are. What are your thoughts on all this… who will be victorious?