Rogers on Mobilicity going after Chatr: “I’m a little puzzled by it”

It’s known that Mobilicity is fully against Chatr launching, threatening Rogers and stating that “they’re trying to destroy our success”. Today during Rogers Quarterly Investment Community Conference Call Rob Bruce, President of Rogers Wireless was asked about the new discount brand “Chatr” strategy and his thoughts on Mobilicity’s concern about the impending launch.

In response Bruce stated that “As penetration increases typically brands expand to address different market segments. That’s exactly what’s going with Chatr… Chatr is a segment brand designed to serve the Zone based Unlimited Voice and Text market. Neither Rogers or Fido really fully address this segment. We believe that it will be a very effective competitor and it’ll offer customers out in the market much more choice.”

Specifically regarding Mobilicity Bruce stated that “I’m a little puzzled by it, to be honest with you. I don’t think about our efforts on Chatr as being anti-competitive. In fact I think they are competitive. Wireless has always been a competitive marketplace and we expect it to continue that way.”

Audio is after the break (you’ll have to turn your volume up really high to hear it)