Update: Virgin Mobile iPhone 4 now available… $30/6GB promo and $659.99/769.99

Virgin Mobile Canada is the latest to hop on the $30 6GB train for the iPhone 4 launch tomorrow. They tweeted that “heads-up! our 6GB $30/month data plan is coming. details up tomorrow”. We’re curious why Virgin would wait until tomorrow to release details? Regardless… “members” should be happy about this coming to Virgin.

Update: Virgin sent us an e-mail stating “we’ll have it available tomorrow from Virgin Mobile stores and several of our retail partners including The Source. I’ll let you know as soon as full pricing and any other details are available.”

Update #2: Virgin has put a countdown on their site in anticipation of the iPhone 4 launch.

Update #3: Virgin has updated their site and it says they will offer “awesome deals on data”:
1GB for $35/month
2GB for $50/month
6GB for $30/month

Update #4: Virgin has the iPhone 4 now up for sale online: $30/6GB promo with 16GB version for $659.99 on 30-day and $159.99 on a 3-year. The 32GB version is $769.99 on a 30-day and $269.99 on a 3-year.

Via: Twitter