Video: iPhone 4 “Antennagate” in Canada

I got hold of a couple iPhone 4’s today, one we are giving away and the other I’m adding to my collection of devices. There’s been much talk about the iPhone 4 “Antennagate” issue and when users grip the phone a certain way your signal drops and reception is lost. Apple came forward and acknowledged the problem, offered customers free Bumpers and cases to temporary fix the issue. Some people have stated that the reception issue is a “country issue“… but I wanted to experience it first hand for myself. Check the video after the break

(Realistically you’re honestly not going to grip the phone this hard but it’s good to see what happens)

Update: So I’ve been using the iPhone 4 all day, battery life is decent so far. It’s still apparent that the reception problem exists but the antenna problem is not a big deal at all. I can understand how it was blown way out of proportion. I’m getting good reception, no dropped calls and people can clearly hear me. Screen is incredibly impressive.