Virgin Mobile confirms BlackBerry Torch is “coming soon”

More BlackBerry news here… Looks like the new QWERTY/Touchscreen combo from RIM is making the rounds. No word on an official Canadian release but TELUS has come forward and now Virgin has also stated they’ll be releasing the Torch 9800.

On Twitter Virgin Mobile said “new smartphone update! the blackberry torch 9800 with blackberry 6 is coming soon. stay tuned for details…”

Ever since Virgin was fully purchased by Bell they’ve really stepped up their device lineup. I’m sure we’ll also hear about a Bell and a Rogers release for the Torch 9800 too. The real question is if people will embrace this new BlackBerry device and OS. Hopefully by the time it comes out here people will still want a Berry and not have jumped ship to an Android or the iPhone.

Via: Twitter