Virgin Mobile goes live with their “SuperTab”

Having more payment options is always a good thing. A few days ago we let you know about the Virgin will be following Koodo Mobile and creating something called a “SuperTab” where you can get a device without a contract and without paying full price. It’s now live on their site but apparently it’s officially being announced tomorrow.

It currently looks like the SuperTab is available only a their higher end devices like the iPhone, BlackBerry and the HTC Legend. It’s “subject to approval” but anyone with a valid credit card will get the green light. The SuperTab amount ranges from as low as $25 to as high as $500 and you choose the amount, and plan. Every month 10% of your bill goes towards paying down the remaining balance on your SuperTab. In addition, you can upgrade to another device anytime you want. Virgin will also be offering a promo that gives you an extra 5% if you get the iPhone or BlackBerry 9700 on a voice & data bill over $65 a month.

Update: The “SuperTab has now been added to all Virgin devices and eliminated are the 2-year contract.

Check it out here at Virgin
(Thanks Gordon!)