Bell non-existent 911 fee lawsuit becomes certified as class-action in N.W.T

Back in 2007 Yellowknife resident James Anderson filed a $6-million class-action lawsuit against Bell Mobility stating he was being charged $0.75 a month for 911 service when there wasn’t 911 service in his area. Andersons’ lawyers recently attempted to bring other Canadian rural areas into the lawsuit but Justice Ron Veale decided that the lawsuit will only be certified as class action in the Northwest Territories.

There are about 20,000 Bell customer in the N.W.T and in order to take part in the class action suit you must have the following as of April 13th: be a resident of N.W.T, have an agreement with Bell for wireless services and charged 911 fees where there wasn’t a 911 operator. The next step is apparently for the Andersons’ lawyers and the Bell lawyers to see how customers will be notified to join in on the class action lawsuit.

Source: Kelowna