Mobilicity finally joins the CWTA’s “Code of Conduct”

Back on September 1st of last year the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) created the “Code of Conduct for Wireless Service Providers“. It’s basically a minimum set of standards that carriers must abide by so customers know their rights and also have the info they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Majority of the carriers signed up and even the new entrants Wind Mobile and Public Mobile. However at the time of the Code of Conduct was in place there was one new entrant that was missing. It was then called Dave Wireless, now renamed Mobilicity.

On Monday I reached out to Mobilicity to see where they stand on getting involved and they stated “We have been abiding by Mobilicity’s own stringent service policies since launching in May and have advised CWTA that we are also subscribing to its Code of Conduct for Wireless Service Providers”. Yesterday morning I had a conversation with Marc Choma, CWTA Communications Director and he said they’ll be releasing a 1-year update on the program in September and Mobilicity was not yet part of the code, but had intentions to join.

It’s interesting what a couple days can make as the CWTA sent us an e-mail late last night stating that Mobilicity has now been added to list of carriers on their Code of Conduct. I’m sure it’s been busy since their launch in May – but it’s nice to see things getting crossed of the list… especially when it has to do with customers interests.

So congrats to everyone over at Mobilicity… let’s see those other launch cities go live now.

Check out the CWTA Code here