Videotron on new network: “We are pressing ahead… in order to start it up this summer”

Quebecor Inc. reported their Q2 2010 results and they state that Videotron activated a whopping 1,700 handsets. Seems low because they’ve been putting all their efforts into building out their new 3G+ network. In a press release today Pierre Karl Péladeau, President & CEO of Quebecor said “We are pressing ahead with the build-out of the Advanced Wireless Services (“AWS”) network in order to start it up this summer. As of June 30, 2010, all switching services and platforms were installed and operational. Siting and tower-sharing agreements had been signed for more than 95% of the antenna sites and the equipment was installed or being installed at all those sites. We remain focused on our promise to deliver a superior customer experience by rolling out a reliable, effective wireless network”.

All sounds good, but it’ll be better when they actually launch. A few days ago we were tipped that the launch will happen “early September”. Taking what’s stated above “to start it up this summer” would mean the last possible date their new 3G+ network would go live is on September 21st (last day of Summer), only 6 weeks away. So everything seems to be falling into place!

Source: Quebecor