Rogers LG Neon2 immediately hits $0.00 before launch

The Rogers LG Neon2 will be available soon but that has not stopped our friends over at Future Shop for putting this in their latest flyer. We were sent an image of the flyer that will go into effect tomorrow until August 19th. As you can see the text friendly LG Neon2 has already been slashed down in price to the ripe cost of $0.00 on a 3-year. To make things better they’re throwing in a $50 Gift Card. If you’re planning on getting this device it’s always good to know where you can save a few bucks.

You’ll also see the Bell LG Rumour Plus priced at $39.99 on a 3-year beside it… don’t get excited, this launch has been delayed until August 27th.

(Thanks Xavier!)