Public Mobile to launch a couple new phones, plus data

Public Mobile now is in full swing with operations in Toronto and Montreal. About a month ago they were having some network issues and have slowly been increasing the number of cell sites and expanded their coverage. When opened their doors back in March they also announced 4 devices: ZTE C78, Kyocera Tomo, Samsung R312 and the Kyocera G2G0. These are the same devices that are currently on the store shelves… but not for long.

We’ve been informed that Public will be releasing 2 more devices in the September/October time frame. One of these will hopefully be made available for the busy-back-to-school period and the brands to expect are a ZTE and a Kyocera…. most likely it’s going to be a ZTE slider (probably the Essenze) and a Kyocera QWERTY device. We don’t have any info on pricing or exact release dates but it’s good to hear that a refresh is in the works.

On another note, even though they state on their site that “Public Mobile at this time, does not provide mobile data services such as email, web browsing and instant messenger”…you can expect data to come to Public as well. No word on timing but yes, a data device and plan will be making their way over to Public Mobile.

(Thanks Tipster!)