Video Review: INQ Chat 3G

INQ released their first device in Canada a couple weeks ago. The Chat 3G is available through TELUS and Koodo Mobile. First, the packaging is incredibly creative. They have taken some simple ideas and made a powerful statement of how fun a device can be to explore. The user manual has this comic book style feel to that makes it enjoyable to read for once. After 2 minutes you’ll put the box away for good and that piece of creativity will be forgotten.

Device wise, basic and standard looking QWERTY device. The only unique feature about the physical device is the exclusive back cover that’s included. Around the Chat 3G are the volume rocker, microUSB port and on the right hand side you’ll see the “Switcher”, this is a button that can easily switch between applications. The screen is a decent sized 2.4-inches with a resolution  320 x 240. In addition, there are the standard keys such as call send and end, menu and directional pad. The QWERTY keyboard is nicely space out, raised above the device and feel incredibly cheap/cost effective/rubbery. The good news is that typing on the INQ Chat 3G is easy and you won’t get frustrated by hitting the wrong key as they are actually perfectly sized.

The INQ Chat 3G is being billed as “Canada’s Ultimate Social Phone”. I can see what they’re saying but believe there are other devices that can take this title instead. The Chat 3G has the ability to bring in your Twitter, Facebook info right on your homescreen. Plus it gives you options to get RSS feeds, check the weather etc. Like most devices these days you can do all your e-mail, text messages (maximum number of characters is 160), contacts, calendar, IM and internet (comes with Opera Mini installed). The camera is above the normal 2 megapixel and comes with a 3.2 megapixel with auto-focus and can take video. The quality is good for the pictures and unfortunately only OK for the video (came out pixelated and muffled).

Overall, this device is an entry level QWERTY that’s perfect for messaging and keeping connected. Sometimes while in use I felt the phone lagged a bit and was responding slow. It’s available at TELUS but if you have $80 I would splurge get the HTC Desire instead. However it’s a perfectly suited device for Koodo’s lineup.

Below is the video review of the INQ Chat 3G, plus I also uploaded the video I captured that shows the quality of the video camera.