TELUS HTC Hero 2.1 update “coming soon”… like early Q4?

TELUS HTC Hero owners have been waiting for the time when they can upgrade to Android OS 2.1. Other countries have been fortunate to experience this update for sometime but for us Canadians it’s been delayed for unknown reasons. We were tipped several times over the past few month, first it was supposed to drop early-May, then mid-August… but it’s now “coming soon”, kinda.

A couple updates here. First, a HowardForums member pointed out that if you view the source code TELUS HTC Hero web page you’ll see that it states that “Coming soon – upgrade to Android 2.1!” with the new features being Flash support 4.0 to view rich web pages with embedded videos, Google Maps Navigation, Voice-dialer, Multi-Touch navigation, People Group Widget.

This all sounds promising but according to a few of our tipsters they state the update is actually coming now at the very latest in “early Q4”. The reasons were not given for the delay but it’s certainly in the works.

Source: HowardForums & our tipsters.