Simcoe County School Committee says WiFi causing headaches, memory loss, attention deficit

The Simcoe County Safe School Committee is on a mission to bring awareness about the health issues of WiFi. They are most likely talking about connecting computers to WiFi and not mobile phones but anything is possible these days. Ever since the Board installed Wifi throughout the schools they’ve noticed and have “documented reports from children with such strange problems as they can’t hold a pencil, they feel faint, they have chronic headaches, and they have developed an erratic heart rate requiring medical attention.”

The Committee is looking to get WiFi removed and believe that “WiFi systems is largely redundant and unnecessary” and “recommend safely connecting to the internet with hard-wires”. In total there are about 12 schools that are reporting incidents… but does state that to date there is “no scientific study concluding that long term exposure to microwaves is safe for children.”

Maybe, just maybe these kids just wanted a day off from school.

Check it out here at SafeSchool
Via: PCMag