Quote of the Day of why Solo now offers Unlimited plans and Zones

Before the new-entrants came on board it was really only Fido that offered Unlimited plans in a “zone” based calling area. Now we have Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, Chatr, Public Mobile and now Bell’s Solo Mobile.

There has been much talk about this Solo Mobile offering and why they are choosing now to come out with an unlimited zone offering. Bell CEO George Cope recently said in their Q2 conference call that “Chatr, obviously it’s a significant competitive development. We will respond to that. Solo Unlimited will launch… It’s a development in the marketplace and we’ll, as we said defend our 3rd of the Postpaid market… No surprise to anyone because we’ve said that since the beginning we’re always going to remain competitive and our pricing will competitive”.

However, the quote of the day comes from Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility, who said the “There’s a lot of noise in the system about whether this is spurred on by the new entrants, I wouldn’t see it that way. We saw an appetite for these types of rate plans.”

So one executive says they created the Unlimited plans and zones to “respond” to Chatr being in the marketplace (which was created to take on the new entrants), and another executive states the new offering is not because of the new entrants but because they suddenly saw a need.

Via: The Globe