SaskTel prices the Galaxy Vibrant at a high $645 no-contract

The upcoming Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant is one of the top devices SaskTel will have in their new 3G+ network (the other is the BlackBerry Bold 9700). We’ve posted in the past that SaskTel will match Bell on the 3-year contract price of $150 but have always been a bit doubtful they’d match the no-contract price of $499. The launch date is expected to be on the 25th and just as expected SaskTel has priced the Vibrant at a staggering $645 no-contract. Other price points available are the 2-year at $450 and 1-year at $550.

To save a few bucks you could always unlock the Bell version and bring it on over to SaskTel. Also, why spend money on one when you could possibly win a Vibrant in our contest here

More here at SaskTel
(Thanks Dave!)