Mobilicity sees 100 days in business, celebrates with over 300 points of distribution

Mobilicity launched their wireless service on May 14th. This was just over 100 days ago and at that time they had 35 corporate locations and over 200 distribution locations. In a release today, Mobilicity stated that they’ve experienced an increase of “30% growth in retail distribution” and now have over 300 points of distribution. Pretty good considering they are only operating in the Toronto area. There is still no confirmation of exactly how many customers they have… the only solid number is that they had 3,000 in the first week.

Dave Dobbin, President & CEO of Mobilicity said “We’re continuing to enhance our distribution to provide the most convenient customer experience around. With our extensive and growing network of locations, Mobilicity customers can easily shop for phones, pay their bills and receive customer support near their homes or workplaces.”

Mobilicity is still expected to be launching their unlimited offerings in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa later this year.

Source: CNW