Quote: Wind says Mobilicity and Public Mobile are “sort of a one-trick pony”

The new entrants have been battling it out even before they launched. Wind came out a couple weeks ago stating they have crossed the 100,000 customer mark, no word on where Public Mobile is at for customers. When it comes to Mobilicity they stated that they “had 3,000 subscribers just over a week after we launched and we have been growing at a rapid pace since then; a more aggressive growth trajectory than any other new entrant.”

Here’s a quote of the day. In an interview Wind chairman Anthony Lacavera was talking about their offerings and how they’re bundling up with their Yak brand to offer customers home phone, internet and mobile packages. Mobilicity and Public Mobile don’t offer any sort of bundling option as they only offer wireless. The Star stated that Lacavera doesn’t think they’ll survive without expanding past the Unlimited core city offerings… “They can’t just be sort of a one-trick pony in markets where there are three or four other players that are bundle players”.

What do you think… is bundling services a big deal or is it overrated?