Windows Phone 7 launching in Canada this coming “holiday period… on multiple operators”

Recently at the Microsoft X’10 event in Toronto, Greg Milligan, Microsoft Canada’s Mobility Solutions Manager, revealed some good info about the upcoming Windows Phone 7 launch. In an interview with LazyReviewzzz Milligan stated “we’re launching here in Canada at the same time as the U.S. This will be a simultaneous North America launch. We will have it on multiple operators here in Canada, and we expect the price to be very attractive to users to individuals at the holiday period and in line with other smartphones… so in that $99 to $199 on a 3-year plan. Which is pretty much par for the course when it comes to smartphones in Canada”.

As to what manufacturers will be releasing a Windows 7 device in Canada, Milligan says “right now the first manufacturers are LG, Samsung, HTC, we’ll have those available here in Canada. We also see Dell coming into the market as well and some other manufacturers in 2011.”

So what are your guesses for devices that we’ll be seeing here?

Check out the video interview after the break
Via: WMPowerUser