Image: Rogers HSPA+ testing currently happening in Northern Manitoba

With Rogers/Fido expanding their HSPA+ coverage to Norther Manitoba (and MTS having a network sharing agreement to launch their new network) it seems testing is currently happening in the area. The upgrades are supposed to be completed “later this year” with no confirmed date, but one of our readers who is traveling in the area is getting intermittent full 3G coverage. Take a look at the pic with his location via Google Maps.

“I have been up in Cranberry Portage, just south of Flin Flon Manitoba since last Wednesday. I am a rogers customer in from Vancouver. We drove up from Winnipeg and as usual i lost rogers cell coverage after Swan River, Manitoba. I knew that Rogers/MTS were doing upgrades coming soon and i was constantly checking to see if i would pick up any of the new towers. As of last Friday nothing was turned on, i was not getting any signal at all in Cranberry Portage. Last night i decided to check again and took my phone off airplane mode. To my surprise i picked up full towers and 3G in cranberry portage. It appears Rogers/MTS flipped the switch on the network over this last weekend and it is now somewhat live. I am able to make calls out and text, however internet seems to be off, i am unable to sync my gmail and am unable to surf the net. Going and checking which available networks under Android, “ROGERS” now shows up. It appears they are still doing testing as i do drop on and off the network throughout the day. Needless to say HSPA is here and i am quiet happy i have cell coverage up in the sticks of northern Manitoba.”

(Thanks Jeff!)