Vidéotron ads suggests customers “WAIT before renewing your cell phone contract”

Looks like Vidéotron is getting serious… the countdown is now on until they set their new 3G+ network live. They’ve been placing ads in the 24HRS daily newspaper enticing people about the new network launch.

Yesterday one ad stated “ATTENDEZ avant de renouveler votre entente avec votre fournisseur actuel. Les nouveaux forfaits 3G+ de Vidéotron sont presque arrivés Vous Vraiment impressionnés”. Translated this basically reads “WAIT before renewing your cell phone contract with your current provider. Vidéotron’s new 3G+ wireless plans are almost here. You will be really impressed.”

And today another ad by Vidéotron appeared that read “La fin du temps est proche” which again translated is “The end of time is near”… possibly insinuating Unlimited plans might be coming to Vidéotron.

No word on an official launch date but it’s rumoured to be within the next few weeks.

More here at 24HRS
Via: HoFo

(Thanks Louis!)