TELUS going live with 3G+ network in New Denver, BC on September 7th

You might recall that New Denver, B.C. residents and the Valhalla Committee for Environmental Health (VCEH) passionately opposed a new cell tower from being constructed due to possible health risks. After years of debate, Industry Canada stepped in and ruled in July that the tower can be built. (Telus said the tower will have exposure level below 1,000 microwatts per square metre).

The day is near and TELUS sent out a press release stating that on September 7th service will go live for New Denver, Silverton, and the surrounding areas. The total investment was $500,000 and brings 3G+ wireless voice and high-speed Internet.

Steve Jenkins, TELUS General Manager for the Southern Interior said “Not only does this new service give New Denver residents and businesses the convenience of making calls on the move, it gives them access to critical 911 services anywhere they can get a signal and even great broadband Internet service where it may not be possible to build wired Internet access. This tower has been a long time coming, and we appreciate the patience of the community over the last three years.”