Vidéotron says “The end time is near” (Video)

Vidéotron has been busy with their “La Fin Du Temps Est Proche” (“The end time is near”) campaign. They’ll be launching their new 3G+ network soon and then the battle for Quebec wireless market share will go into high gear. A video surfaced a few days ago that has a President looking man delivering a speech to the people who informs them that “the minutes are counted and the second disappearing before our eyes”.

In addition, a Facebook page has been created that has the following daily quotes in French (we translated into English):

“Pour que le temps s’écoule au rythme qui vous convient et de façon plus excitante, remplacez votre sablier par un moulin à poivre.” – Grégoire Lacroix (“The only time we really lost is going to regret missed opportunities”)

“Le temps viendra où vous croirez que tout est fini. C’est alors que tout commencera.” – Louis l’Amour (“The time will come when you believe everything is finished. Then everything starts”)

‎”Ö temps, suspends ton vol, et vous heures propices, suspendez votre cours.” – Alphonse de Lamartine (“O-time to a halt, and you happy hours, hang your course.”)

It’s pretty interesting to see the new Vidéotron take shape. What monthly plans do you think Vidéotron will come to the table with?

Check out the video after the break and their Facebook page here

(Thanks Serge!)