Video: 5 Canadian developers show off their Windows Phone 7 apps

Microsoft Canada held an event last night to give a very brief introduction of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 launch. It was basically highlighted by demonstrating how easy it is for developers to start building apps. Microsoft brought in a few Canadian app developers:

– Barranger Ridler, 4MKMobile, Tim Horton’s app
– Alexey Adamsky and Alex Yakobovich, Ryerson Digital Media Zone, 3D Sudoku app
– Mark Arteaga, RedBit Development, VanGuide app
– Shawn Konopinsky, Nascent Digital, social music app
– Mike Kasprzak, Sykhronics Entertainment, Smiles game app

We know WP7 will launching at the same time as the United States by various manufacturers (LG, Samsung, HTC) and will be available on several carriers. I believe we’ll hear some possible firm dates within a couple weeks. I also played around with a LG device and took WP7 for a spin and it’s incredibly responsive, very intuitive and what’s amazing is when you compare it to previous WinMo devices is that you truly have the opportunity to personalize it. It’ll be interesting to see how this “revolution” unfolds.

Check out the video of the event after the break (apologies for the incredibly bad video, tripod was missing).