Videotron 3G+ network goes live; 12 handsets including Nexus One with OS 2.2

In 2008 Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) Auction Videotron invested over  $550,000…. a couple years later and thousands of employees, “the Dawn of a New Era” has arrived today: their 3G+ network is officially live. We’re putting together a recap of the media event but here’s some highlights:

– Videotron customers benefit from getting free unlimited local and long calls, several plans that include: Infinite zone, Unlimited evenings and weekends, Call anytime and Share.
– Offer no-commitments
– 30-day full satisfaction money back guarantee
– launching with 12 handsets such as Google Nexus One (first in Canada to offer OS 2.2), Garmin Nuvifone A5 (you’ll get free traffic info and alerts included for three years), Motorola XT720, Huawei U3200 BlackBerry, plus a mobile internet key
– Can remotely PVR via handset

The entire press release is after the break, but they state that “The network will eventually rev up to lightning-fast mobile speeds of up to 42 mbps, thanks to Dual-Carrier HSPA+ technology.”

Update: Here’s the complete list of devices:
Huawei U3200: “Reduced” 3-year price: $0.00, Retail price: $159.95
Samsung Gravity 2: “Reduced” 3-year price: $14.95, Retail price: $199.95
Huawei U7519: “Reduced” 3-year price: $19,95, Retail price: $199.95
Nokia 5230: “Reduced” 3-year price: $39.95, Retail price: $209.95
BlackBerry Pearl 9100: “Reduced” 3-year price: $49.95, Retail price: $379.95
BlackBerry Bold 9700: “Reduced” 3-year price: $99.99, Retail price: $499.95
Google Nexus One: “Reduced” 3-year price: $99.99, Retail price: $479.95
Garmin A50: “Reduced” 3-year price: $129.95, Retail price: $459.95
Motorola XT720: “Reduced” 3-year price: $149.95, Retail price: $479.95
Huawei E1381 Mobile Internet key: “Reduced” 3-year price: $0,00, Retail price: $175
… 3 are missing though?

Update #2: Their site keeps crashing but we’ve got a screenshot of the plans.

Montréal, September 9, 2010 – Videotron is pleased to announce the eagerly awaited launch of its state-of-the-art HSPA+ mobile communication network. Videotron’s 3G+ service will afford Québec consumers and business access to the latest technology at last and provide superior value for the money.

“We asked our customers about their needs when it comes to mobile service,” said Robert Dépatie, President and CEO of Videotron. “We listened to them and we got the message. Today, we are coming out with new, easy-to-understand plans that deliver more and suit every need.

“Videotron’s 3G+ service reflects the goal we have pursued throughout this project: providing the best possible customer experience through one-stop shopping to make life easier for consumers. Not only is our offering highly advantageous in this respect but it is particularly attractive for our existing customers, who can get exceptional rates. We remain true to our policy of offering substantial discounts to customers who choose our service bundles.”

Infinity at the best price!

As of today, Videotron is offering simple, economical mobile communication services with a full range of residential and Business plans. For example, the Infinite Québec plan includes unlimited local and long-distance calling anywhere in Québec regardless of the other party’s telephone carrier, starting at $49.95 per month. For only $6.00 more, customers can add unlimited emails and messaging anywhere in Québec.

All plans include free unlimited local and long-distance calls between residential and business customers with mobile or cable telephone services from Videotron.

The largest urban zones
The Infinite urban zone plans, another innovative component of Videotron’s new mobile service, offer unlimited calls within the zone. Videotron’s urban zones are by far the largest of any service provider.

For example, the Montréal zone extends from Rigaud in the west to L’Assomption in the east, and from Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentians in the north to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in the south, an area of approximately 3,200 km². The Québec City urban zone covers the area between Portneuf to the west, Montmagny to the east, Stoneham to the north and Laurier-Station to the south, covering approximately 5,700 km².

Attractive options
Videotron is also offering the industry’s most advantageous call management and messaging options, an important consideration for mobile phone users, who typically add options to their plans. For example, customers will be able to send up to 500 messages (counting SMS, MMS and emails) for just $5.00, 2,500 messages for $10.00 and unlimited messages for $15.00. Customers will also be able to add extras such as voice mail to their plans for $4 per month for the first option and $2 for each additional option.

The fastest high-speed mobile Internet network
Videotron’s mobile Internet key will support data transfer speeds of up to 21 mbps over Videotron’s 3G+ network, the fastest network around according to our current analyses. The network will eventually rev up to lightning-fast mobile speeds of up to 42 mbps, thanks to Dual-Carrier HSPA+ technology.

Something for everyone: 12 handsets, including 4 firsts
Videotron has also lined up a selection of best-in-class handsets to meet every need. All will support access to illico mobile and remote programming of the customer’s personal video recorder. Customers will be able to choose among the most advanced mobile handsets on the market, including the Google Nexus One (HTC), which is being offered by an operator for the first time in Canada, making Videotron the first Canadian service provider to carry a handset loaded with the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system; the Nuvifone A5, the first Garmin phone in Canada, with free traffic info and alerts included for three years; the Motorola XT720 and the entry-level Huawei U3200.

Videotron is also the only industry player to offer a 30-day full satisfaction or money back guarantee. Customers are not required to make any commitment.

Largest selection of French-language and local content
Customers will enjoy one of the richest selections of mobile content in Canada, particularly for French- language and Québec content. After launching illico web in June 2010, Videotron is now launching illico mobile, giving customers access to 1,000 hours of free content, a catalogue of nearly 2,000 television programs and series, 27 television channels, 9 of them live, and 45 Galaxie music channels. “Our new mobile service will quickly become a major platform for the dissemination and promotion of Québec culture,” said Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and CEO of Quebecor Media. Videotron’s mobile shop will carry nearly 30,000 items (music, ringtones, wallpapers, games, etc.).