A Canadian becomes Nokia’s new President & CEO

A Canadian is stepping in as the new President and CEO of Nokia. Stephen Elop is his name and he’s proudly from Hamilton. Ousted is Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo who will officially leave the lead role on September 20th with Elop taking charge on the 21st. Elop came from Microsoft’s Business Division and also held high ranking roles at Juniper Networks, Adobe and Macromedia.

Nokia’s Board says “The time is right to accelerate the company’s renewal; to bring in new executive leadership with different skills and strengths in order to drive company success. The Nokia Board believes that Stephen has the right industry experience and leadership skills to realize the full potential of Nokia. His strong software background and proven record in change management will be valuable assets as we press harder to complete the transformation of the company”.

“Renewal” and “transformation” are needed over at Nokia. The best devices they’ve put out over the past few years are the E71 and the N95. Hopefully with all the experience Elop has he can deliver and keep their top position.

Source: Nokia
Via: Engadget