iPhone App of the Day: TowerLocator

Here’s a cool Canadian-focused iPhone app that’s all about cellphone towers. It’s called TowerLocator and it’s pretty simple and free. The description says it all: “A map to locate cellular providers towers within Canada. Includes all the big and small providers”.

So now you have a to see what the reception is like in other areas on the go, or to keep up to date to see how your carrier is processing putting towers up. Every carrier is on there and broken down by colour. The main listed carriers are Bell (orange), Rogers (red), Telus (green), Mike (Yellow) and all the others in blue. You can dig deeper and choose to search for a specific carrier such as Wind, Public Mobile or Mobilicity or simply view all. In addition, there are different map styles such as Satellite, Hybrid. You can get it via iTunes by searching “TowerLocator”.

I’ve grabbed a few screenshots and here’s the one that’s from the official description.

(Thanks Larry!)