Public Mobile and Money Mart in trial distribution deal

Public Mobile recently firmed up a distribution deal with 152 Gateway Newstands and now they’ve started a quiet pilot project with Money Mart to sell their wireless services in their locations. It’s apparently been going on for a couple weeks in a few select locations and the demographics actually makes sense for Public’s target customer, which is the “value conscious” Canadian. On the Money Mart website they state that their customer “represents the average, working Canadian. Statistically, the average customer is 32 years of age and employed with an annual income at the national average – 82% of all customers are under the age of 45”. Perfect for those who need quick cash and want a low-cost carrier that doesn’t check your credit status.

I checked out the Money Mart location at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto and as you can tell by the pic it shows all their devices and plans.