Report: 41% of Canadians have considered switching carriers

Another wireless report has surfaced that goes into detail of Canadian consumers wireless brand loyalty. The survey was compiled late July/early August time frame of 1,000 Canadians by Toronto-based Solutions Research Group and found that 41% have considered switching carriers. The report said that we value loyalty by much money we are paying out each month (rate plans, devices etc).

Other stats revealed that:
– Ages 20-29 are the ones who continually think about changing wireless carriers at 51%.
– 28% of Canadians are either on month-to-month on an expired contract, or expires within 12 months.
– 21% use prepaid and are not on a contract.
– Many Canadians want a lower monthly bill with “a substantial number” wanting bundling discounts, free texting, and free handset upgrades.
– 72% said the reason they would switch carriers is because of price.
– Most people said they would switch to an established brand such as Rogers/Fido, Bell/Virgin, Telus/Koodo), 7% said Wind and the “other new brands were hardly mentioned at all”.
– With Videotron launching last week, 31% considered switching

What are your thoughts on staying with your current carrier. Are you happy with them or are you considering making a jump to another carrier? What would keep you the carrier you’re with?

Source: Cartt