Rogers interview outlines the Future of Video entertainment: either you’re connected or you’re not

If you have a few minutes to spare you might want to watch this video that was produced by Rogers. They interview Shelly Palmer and get his insight into the next 3 years when it comes to where video entertainment is going. No kidding everyone is jumping into the mobile content game. Immediate information wherever, however and whenever we want it. All this is already happening but a greater push on MobileTV will come to fruition over the next year.

Palmer states that “in a very short time only two kinds of people, those that are connected people and those who aren’t connected; and what I mean by that is people who walk around with their television sets now in a way they never had before. They are walking around with mobile devices that really have the capability of bridging two worlds… when you start doing things with your hand held, when you start texting people, and when you start using face book on your hand held, and twitter on your hand held, and Linked in on your hand held, You fill in your social network as you like you’re a broadcaster… When your entertainment can follow you, when your content, when your news, when the things that you passionately care about can follow you then that’s really, really, special”

Source: RedBoard