Another WIND Mobile Motorola XT720 training doc, launching September 23rd?

It’s been rumoured that Wind Mobile will be releasing the Android-powered Motorola XT720. We’ve seen a brief look at a training doc a few weeks ago. Thanks to one of our tipsters we’ve got another one for you. This one gives more insight into the specs and highlights the features: “Sell it in 30 seconds” with it’s 3.7-inch display, 2.1 OS, 8MP camera with Xenon flash, records HD video.

There’s still no confirmed price or launch date, but rumours are that we’ll see this hit the shelves around the 23rd of September. However, you’ve got to think that Wind will want to take advantage of their current promos and rebate offers. Plus, Videotron recently released the XT720 for the no-contract price of $479.95, so WIND will either match this or come in lower.