Koodo Mobile will unlock your phone for $50

Not the hugest news in Canada but certainly good to know if you’re with Koodo. They launched their HSPA+ network on June 28th and have 3 devices: The Nokia 3710, Samsung Elevate and the INQ Chat 3G. Unlocking your device gives you the freedom to keep your phone and put in another carriers SIM card so it’ll work. There are 3rd party places that can unlock your phone for about $10 (or less).

Koodo stated on their site that “To be eligible, your Koodo phone with SIM card account must be in good standing. This means that you’ve paid your monthly bill in full for 3 consecutive months. Please call 1-866-99-KOODO if you would like to unlock your phone. A $50 charge will apply… Just a heads up that if your phone is unlocked by a third party, your phone warranty will no longer be valid.”

Anyone going to bit on this or would you rather just pay off your TAB balance?

More here at Koodo
(Thanks HC – NO “i”!)