TELUS HTC Desire starts shipping again… thanks to some CSS trickery

The TELUS HTC Desire has been a massive success in Canada. The specs are impressive and it’s one of the best Android-powered devices TELUS has ever released. A few weeks ago this was put online as “Temporarily out of stock” on their website… but good news comes today for one of our readers as their long awaited Desire has left distribution, been put on a Purolator truck and en route to his hands.

Apparently he had to work some magic to get this delivered so quickly. Our reader stated that “I ordered on Sept 3 through the TeamWebstore, but did have to do a little but of URL trickery to actually add the Desire to my cart…it was still listed as out of stock at the time. A similar technique can be used on the main telus website using chrome’s “Inspect Element” tool to modify the Desire page’s CSS so that the “Add to Cart” button is visible.”

Nice work… Impressive steps people will take to get this Android device! Check out the steps after the break
(Thanks “Anonymous Android Fan”!)

Update: It seems that TELUS has fixed the original issue but thanks to another tipster… a new way has been uncovered. Here are the details: