Analyst: RIM is building 2.5 million BlackPads for Q4

RIM is expected to announce their tablet device at their 2010 BlackBerry Developer Conference next week. Analysts are speaking out on this possible new venture and if it’s a good move. Analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro of Susquehanna Research said that RIM is building 2.5 million “BlackPads” for Q4 and but it won’t be rivaling the Apple iPad or Samsung Tab for the consumer market, but shifting towards the enterprise market. Fidacaro stated that “I question the use case for the Blackpad as RIM lacks access to content. And the device appears to be designed to tether to a Blackberry not standalone 3G baseband.”

Jack Gold, another analyst said that “I have no doubt they can design a pretty compelling environment for a tablet… Many companies are looking at deploying tablets for their workforces. If a RIM tablet comes in as a secure, manageable device, like the BB phones, and companies want to use a tablet, then the RIM device could have an edge in the market for business users (not necessarily for consumers).

Rumoured specifications of this RIM tablet (possibly named “BlackPad” or “SurfBook”) have it coming with a 7-inch display, up to 2 built-in cameras, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Would you be into a BlackBerry tablet that’s only focused on business? How much would you pay for one?

Source: eWeek