Bell comes out with “Unlimited Québec” plan

The battle in Quebec recently heated up with Vidéotron launching their new 3G+ network. They came out with a selection of 9 devices (12 in total when you consider different colours) and a few different monthly rate plans.

One of the plans Vidéotron offers is called “Infinite Québec plan” for $59.95 per month by itself, or you can bundle it together with other services and get it as low as $49.95 per month (when you bundle up to 3 services) Included in this Infinite Québec plan is:
– local and long-distance calling anywhere and anytime in Québec
– Unlimited incoming text, photo and video messages
– Call waiting, Conference call, Call forwarding

Now Bell wants to keep a tight hold on their market share and have created a new monthly rate plan conveniently called “Unlimited Québec”. This has to be bundled and is for $50 per month and includes:
– Unlimited local and long distance calling in Québec
– Call Waiting, Conference Calling
– Unlimited text messaging can be put on the the plan for $5 a month

Bell states that this plan is “available to residential customers in Québec with all four services (Home phone, Internet, digital TV and wireless (post-paid), with select plans”

For those located in Québec how are you liking the new wave of options available to you?

UPDATE: Bell sent us a note stating that the customers who want to sign up for the Unlimited Quebec plan can do so without bundling. They will be changing their website soon to reflect this. Straight from Bell here are the details:

NEW* Regular price point for rate plan: $60/month
Bell Bundle discount (for Mobility): -$5/month
*NEW* Additional Bell Bundle discount when bundled with all four services: -$5/month
Net Pricing: $50/month

We also have an add-on feature specific to this rate plan only, which is Unlimited SMS for $5/month (we use our regular legal disclaimers in regards to what kind of SMS are included/excluded).

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