The “State of Android in Canada”

Rogers started the “Android Revolution” by launching the HTC Dream and Magic. Shortly after TELUS and Bell released devices… and now basically every Canadian carrier has at least one device that’s powered by Google’s Android OS. We recently held a poll that asked “Is your next device going to be an Android?” and 70% stated “Yes” (685/979 total votes).

Another indication that Android’s popularity is increasing was a recent Gartner report. Analysts forecast that the Android OS will pass RIM and capture the #2 spot worldwide by the end of this year (with 17.7% market share). Gartner also stated that “Android become the top OS in North America by the end of 2010″.

So were do we stand in Canada when it comes to Android? Well, one of our readers named Denis took some time to break down the “State of Android in Canada” into a spreadsheet. You’ll see every carrier listed who has officially released an Android, what manufacturer model (plus a couple yet to be released included), what OS and if an upgrade commitment has been confirmed.

Here are some statistics when it comes to Android in Canada:
– There are currently 30 Android devices across 8 carriers
– Rogers leads with the most Android devices with 12, followed by TELUS with 7, Bell with 4
– 37% of Android models available in Canada are running either OS 1.5 or 1.6 (11 devices)
– 60% of Android models available in Canada are running OS 2.1 (18 devices)
– Only 1 out of 30 Android models available in Canada has Android 2.2 (Nexus One on Videotron)
– 58% of Android models available from Rogers are running OS 1.5/1.6
– Only 3 out of 7 Android models available from Rogers running OS 1.5/1.6 are committed to upgrades to 2.1
– 57% of Android models available in Canada do not have commitments from their carriers for future upgrades
– TELUS has just over half the amount of Android models Rogers, but has as many models running 2.1

Interesting stats. You can check out the full spreadsheet here over at Google Docs
(Thanks Denis!)