Microsoft patents “Dual Module Portable Devices”

Back in 2009 Microsoft painted a picture of possibly what 2019 will be looking like. In the video they showed a man walking through an airport to reach for his mobile device that seamlessly split into 2 screens that could work independently or together.

Looks like Microsoft is looking forward as they have filed a patent application with the exact demonstration that’s in the video. The patent is officially called “Dual Module Portable Devices” and it’s described as “A motion of a first module of the dual module portable device may be detected. Based at least in part on the detected motion, a position of the first module may be determined relative to the second module of the portable device. Once the relative position of the first module has been determined, a portion of a user interface associated with the relative position may be displayed at the first module.”

It’s probably easier to watch the video to understand what the patent entails. Check out the patent drawings and the after the break. Pay close attention to the 2:12 mark.

Via: WMExperts & USPTO