“The Mobile Shop”… A Loblaws idea that brings 9 wireless brands into their supermarkets

A few weeks ago we wrote a short piece on how Loblaws was potentially bringing in a new carrier to sell products in their supermarkets… well they actually brought in 9 (including their PC Mobile brand) by creating “The Mobile Shop”. So now when you visit a grocery store where PC products are sold you’ll also find the following carriers: Bell, Solo, Virgin, Fido, Virgin, Public Mobile, Wind Mobile and TELUS.

Each carrier have 3 phones on display and you can “shop for your next mobile phone at your own pace and terms and enjoy a hassle-free experience”. All phones are priced on a no-contract model and once you’ve decided on the carrier and model “you take a product card and bring it to the cashier to pay. They will then get you the mobile phone to take home”. It’s basically a grab-and-go-convenience model, which means you’ll actually need to contact the carrier at some point to activate your device.

To kick things off “The Mobile Shop” has put together a promo that sees a $25 PC gift card in your hand when you purchase a device from them. The promo starts October 12th and goes until October 31st.

This is a good fit for Loblaws as they already have everything ranging from a dry cleaning, travel agency, financial services… So expanding their current mobile offering and bringing in more choice and convenience continues to make them a one-stop-shop. For the carriers, a greater distribution reach which means more exposure and potentially more customers. This is just another example of how this year will be the battle for wireless distribution in Canada.

Check out the “The Mobile Shop” here
(Thanks Vin!)