Wind files complaint against Chatr for advertising “fewer dropped calls”

Rogers discount brand Chatr has been shaking up the wireless market since they launched back on July 8th. They offer unlimited talk and text plan in 6 cities across Canada (Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton and Montreal).

Other carriers were not to fond of Rogers adding a new brand as they already had Fido as a low cost offering. New entrant Mobilicity was very outspoken and has gone as far as filing a complaint “against Rogers with various government agencies, including the Competition Bureau” for Chatr “trying to destroy” their success – mainly for offering similar pricing in similar cities.

Wind Mobile was another new carrier to speak up about Chatr. Chairman Tony Lacavera previously stated that he’s “really excited about it and I’m ready to compete”. Today, at a presentation at the Toronto Board of Trade Lacavera revealed that they too have filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau against Chatr. However it’s not for Chatr launching their service, but due to the positioning of their advertising. Chatr states in their advertising they have “fewer dropped calls than new wireless carriers”.

Lacavera said “There is absolutely no solid or objective technical basis for Chatr’s claim to have more network reliability and fewer dropped calls than Wind. The truth is that Rogers doesn’t have access to our network stats and we don’t have access to theirs, which makes it impossible to accurately compare networks.”

Source: The Globe