Rogers and Fido extend 6GB/$30 promotion until October 5th

When the iPhone 4 was released in Canada on July 30th many of the carriers decided to release the incredibly popular 6GB/$30 promo. This was not the only reason the iPhone 4 sold out within a few hours, but certainly helped out. Rogers/Fido put the expiry date for their promo to end on September 30th but they’ve just extended it by another few days.

On the Rogers company blog they stated “we have activated a significant number of devices with 80 per cent having gone to our existing customers… we are extending the 6GB/$30 promotion until Oct. 5”. In addition, they have also given a break to those who have bought an earlier iPhone model and extended the dates to be eligible to do a hardware upgrade: “Any customer who activated or upgraded an earlier version of the iPhone with Rogers/Fido on a term contract on or before December 31, 2008 will be continue to be eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price when they upgrade to an iPhone 4. They can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan”. Unfortunately for other customers who do not have an iPhone the HUP offer has expired.

Rogers and Fido also received a large shipment of the iPhone 4… hopefully the white version will be released soon.

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