Rogers 3G coverage in Manitoba unofficially goes live over the weekend, testing continues.

A few weeks ago one of our readers captured an image of 3G coverage way up in Northern Manitoba. This is good news for customers as it means the Rogers/MTS network upgrade that’s expected to go live sometime “later this year” is actually coming together. In addition, over this past weekend customers again stated they’ve been getting 3G coverage in the Manitoba region.

Our tipster Cody says that “3G service started randomly turning on here in Brandon, MB on my iPhone around 7:30PM on Friday night, but usually when Rogers or MTS is testing their upcoming 3G network, the testing is sporadic – so 3G would pop up on my phone for a few seconds, then it’s gone, or they’ll do testing for a few hours, then it’s gone. This is the very first time 3G has stayed on my iPhone. If it was just in the testing stages as usual, they would have turned it off by now.”

Exciting stuff for those located in Manitoba… so we’ll possibly see the network complete its testing soon and get the green light to go live by late October/early November.